Having two kiddies now

Having two kiddies now (especially when one is toddler) means I constantly need multiple hands. Seeing as that’s not always possible, two free hands is the next best thing! ?

My baby sling from @mamawayau gives me just that! I never had one with Kyra, but I would now consider my sling as an essential baby item that every mum (especially those with multiple kids) needs!!

And with Elora being a total koala and loves to be cuddled, it’s the perfect thing for her ❤️

Love how the fabric is so lightweight and breathable. I also love how I’m able to breastfeed her while in use, and is highly ergonomic for both mum and baby. Mamaway baby ring sling is made of the same fabric thickness all around. Hence, even distribution of the weight and better for all parts of the body. The prints are stylish and it’s machine washable!

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