My breastfeeding musts


My breastfeeding musts (clothing edition):
1. Cute nursing friendly tops. I don’t buy a lot of them sebab honestly, most of them are urm, ugly. ? But this one I legit like sebab it doesn’t scream I HAVE A BABY and it’s totally something I would wear even if I’m not breastfeeding.
2. COMFORTABLE nursing bras (swipe ➡️). I mean, memang ada berlambak bras out there but not a lot yang comfy, tak panas and actually helps with feedings. These are the best I’ve tried so far. Jujur cakap, harga dia a bit pricey sebab before this I beli yang cheap cheap je but lepas dah try this I see why it’s a better investment, especially if you’re planning on breastfeeding full time.
Both are from @mamawaymy.

Seamless Bra

-Sooooo selesa. Kain dia lembut so pakai tidur pun nyaman je tak peluh peluh. Nak menyusu pun senang, selak je. Tengah-tengah mamai pun takda masalah


Crossover bra:

-Also selesa, not as nipis but very supportive and the hook is smooth so bila baby nak susu tak kecah kat situ. Breast pads pun boleh letak ngam ngam dalam tu.





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