A bra grows with me

I purchased this wonderful maternity bra after noticing my bust feeling quite uncomfortable in the growing phase of my second trimester. My old bras didn’t fit and I realized it was important to get one adjusting to my changing body. I couldn’t believe how comfortable it was compared to other products I’d tried on. It feels like a second skin and the purple colour is really attractive and unique. It is really worth investing in a good quality bra like this because comfort and style is so important during this time when your body is changing so dramatically. I noticed immediately that I wasn’t feeling uncomfortable anymore and that my clothes looked great wearing this bra. I wish I’d found it sooner. It’s going to grow with me through my pregnancy and be well used during the nursing stages too.

I will be recommending this product to all pregnant and nursing ladies out there. Great product!

SKU 09881

Source Louise Jones