A pajama set which is seriously comfy to another level

Hari ni first time dapat wish Mother’s day, rasa terharu and bahagia sangat, Alhamdulillah dapat merasa juga. ?So I want to wish Happy mother’s day to all the mothers out there! Sesuai dengan mother’s day hari ini, Sarah nak share something dengan korang! There are two things that I love most now, ice cream (lots of it!) and a comfy Pyjama! Selalu i risau sebab seluar ketat and takut suffocate the baby but this pyjama ada adjustable waistband so i dont have to worry! And not to mention this set is VERY comfy! SERIOUSLY COMFY TO ANOTHER LEVEL! And the best part, it is breastfeeding-friendly! So boleh pakai sampai pantang, lepas pantang, bila-bila lah! ? and kalau korang suka design ni, ni design minnie dot pattern maternity & nursing Pajamas/Sleepwear set! Thank you @mamawaymy for making this mother-to-be happy and comfy all day! #mamaway #lovemamaway

source: IG sarahyussof  https://www.instagram.com/p/BxW1oFhjegN/

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