Amazingly comfortable

I love this bra!! I wear it pretty much every second day (it gets washed one day, worn the next lol).  It is very comfortable and easy to use.  It has decent support too despite having to get DD’s into a small size.  When feeding my son, it is easy to push out of the way and the narrow support straps don’t get in the way either like some on other bras. That said they do sometimes twist and leave me looking a bit peculiar until I straighten them out again. The removable cups had to be taken out as they were too small, but that was easy and the bra is awesome without them. The material is soft and comfy and feels great, even when I’m a bit sore from feeding marathons. It’s good for night time wear too as there are no solid bits to dig in anywhere, and the wide back strap means it doesn’t move around much.  I was at the upper end of the size range for the small bra but it still fits perfectly and I have a lot of expansion room too (although I hope I never need it!).

SKU 09881

Source Lissa D