Baby feels relax and enjoy being carried around.

Being a mother, I am sure you know carry your baby outdoors can be a daunting task given that you are not a weightlifter. It always cause me muscle ache just to run some simple errands but don’t want to carry those bulky stroller which means another extra load! At this time, a ring sling is really a God sent give for mothers ! Here is a review on Mamaway Ring Sling which make your life way easy.

MAMAWAY’s Ring Sling is made of combed cotton sling and Nylon rings which had been weight tested at 75kg for 72 hours with no issues! Don’t believe me? View the report yourself HERE in Facebook!


Please take note on how to care for your Baby Sling

  • Machine Wash under 30°C
  • Do Not Bleach
  • Do Not Tumble Dry
  • Low Ironing
  • Do Not Dry Clean
Actually MAMAWAY’s label works as a marker when we wear the sling. It is suppose to be close or on your shoulder. Be sure to see their Video HERE on how to wear it.
Below is Daddy acting as a model carrying Little Piggy on a hypermarket tour! And you can see Piggy eventually feels relax and enjoy being carried around.
Jelly also wanted to test it out! Not only baby loves being carried, even Jelly loves it too!
Daddy & Piggy (Lay down position)


~ Compact and easy to carry around, and can store in the diaper bag.
~ The cloth is made of cotton so it is breathable and gentle towards baby wearing.
~ Strong Nylon Ring to support baby’s growing weight.
~ More than 10 design to choose from. The one I had is called Vintage Check Baby Ring Sling.
~ Compared to the backpack type of baby carrier which is hard to keep if not using, I find this sling save space & easier to use. I can just bring it around whenever I m heading out without worrying need to carry her without a stroller or a backpack carrier.
~ Piggy cries less and more contented as she feels secure using the sling.
~ Piggy also feels more relax and she has wider view looking around her surrounding compared to placing her on stroller which she will try her best to roll over or tries to climb out of the stroller.
~ I can even breastfeed while wearing little Piggy.


Source: Malaysia Blogger – Angeline Ng
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