Baby less crying and sleep-inducing

Been using this Baby Sling from @mamawaymy since uwaimir baby until now not so baby anymore ?
I suka guna ring sling ni sebab kadang nak jalan merata bawa stroller susah, so guna ring sling ni je settle! It also will make baby less crying and sleep-inducing. Baby rasa selamat je sentiasa kalau duduk dalam sling ni.
It meets the international safety standards and the most important thing is it is approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI) as
a “hip-healthy” product.
Unlike other babywearing brands that need a size for different body frames, Mamaway sling fits everyone without sizing. Buy one and use it for the whole family!

Dalam gambar ni nampak macam i pegang Uwaimir kan tapi actually kalau I lepas pun selamat je siap i boleh zumba sambil carry Uwaimit tau tapi I saja je pose pegang macam tu hahaha


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