Baby ring sling (Choc Mint Ice cream design)


I already received my baby ring sling (Choc Mint Ice cream design).
[R]eason i choose Mamaway Baby Ring Sling-Choc Mint Ice Cream because of its sweet colour and stripe pattern can be used for both mommy and daddy it also suitable for baby girl or boy. Also their combination of elegant and modern design capture my intention to choose this colour. While Im suprising myself with gender of my little baby, so i just need to choose colour that can be used for both gender.

[I] choose Mamaway Baby Ring Sling because of its Nylon Ring (N66) strength test breaks indicates bearing of 500+ kgs . Besides of its safety design, it also comfortable 100% made by High Quality Premium Cotton Fabric that breathable & absorbent suitable on what type of skin. Yet comfortable for both parents & babies when using this sling.

This Fabric also been weight tested at 75kg for 72 hours. What an amazing record!! Unbelievable!! With combination of both High Quality Premium Cotton Fabric and 2 Nylon Rings (N66) design makes this sling quickly setup and adjustable just in second.Which means my baby are fully protected by Mamaway Baby Ring Sling.

[N]o other sling can challege this Mamaway Baby Ring Sling because One Size fit for Whole family. This sling fit for any shapes of parents also suitable for any size of baby from baby to toddler.

[G]reat design for baby’s leg development. This Mamaway Baby Ring Sling are based on M & J theory. Which ‘M’ theory apply when we carry baby from the front to supported the body, hips, legs, thighs and knees when parents carried the baby. While ‘J’ theory applied when we carry the baby on our right or left side ensure the knees are higher than hips.With this both theories, the babies thigh cannot not be left dangling outside the carrier. It safe babies leg from any harmful to the development of my childs hip.

[S]ometimes mommies facing this kind of problem which hard to find breastfeed room causing baby cried and mommy worried. This Mamaway Baby Ring Sling solved this problems besides perfect design for me that makes my nursing life easier because of its extra long fabric plus double ring makes us easy to adjust to my needs.

[L]ess worried especially, me myself as a new mother for the first time because with this Mamaway Baby Ring Sling design makes my baby cry less. According to recent studies, A 1986 randomized, controlled study by Hunziker and Barr showed that carrying an infant 2 additional hours per day reduced crying overall by 43%, or one entire hour. Moreover, this Baby Sling creates babies and parents bonding allows me to bond with my baby. Moreover, i can quickly learn to meet my child’s needs more beside of the warmth creates by both babies body and mommy’s body from the hungging position ‘M’ and ‘J’ theory.

[I]n fact, this Mamaway Baby Ring Sling is in-arms parenting meets our baby’s needs for warmth, comfort, and access to breastfeeding and babies cry less . While in this state they are better able to learn about their environment and develop mentally and socially. As long as we carry them, baby also enjoy being worn, and benefit greatly from interacting with others at eye-level instead of being looked down upon in a stroller.

[N]eeds for me or my spouse to use this Mamaway Baby Ring Sling to makes us easier to handle the baby or toddler.When i carrying baby in a sling, it already frees my hand to doing works while i still able to give the closeness she needs. Mamaway Baby Ring Sling give such a huge helps us �mother to breastfeeding on the go. What a relief. �

[G]ood for baby, Big smile from mommy. ��� Its a great motto for this Mamaway Baby Ring Sling because of its great design that includes safety and pretty, many other benefits especially for new parents like me and my spouse that actually helps us through our daily life turning into extraordinary experiences.



Source: Malaysia Customer


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