Best Buy EVER!

To Mamaway,

Being my first pregnancy and a woman of smaller sized breasts, by the 8th week I was no longer able to fit into my ‘used to be’ comfortable Pleasure State bras. The underwire caused a lot of pain and discomfort. By the end of a working day, I would have deep markings under my breasts caused by the wiring.

Whilst shopping one day, I stumbled across Mamaway and was introduced to the Second Skin Seamless bra (size M). It was amazingly comfortable, supportive and shape defining. As soon I as tried it on, I had to buy it! There is no discomfort whatsoever even after wearing it for any entire day. After 20 weeks of pregnancy it is still well-fitted and has potential to support any future growth. Totally loving it! I would highly recommend this bra to any woman even if they weren’t pregnant. Thanks Mamaway!



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