Can be ware both day and night!

At the beginning of my pregnancy, I bought several maternity bras from Myer and Target. The most comfortable one was a wireless which cost me around 40 dollars. However even though it was very soft, it didn’t give really good support of my breasts. Towards the end of my pregnancy I felt very uncomfortable when sleeping and also found my breasts were a bit sagged so I panicked and googled “where can I find best maternity bras” and luckily I found Mamaway.
I went to Chatswood shop and tried on a few. They were so comfortable and provide really good support in the same time so I end up buying 3 sleeping bras and one “second skin” and several others. The second skin Seamless Nursing Bra is extremely flexible and good to be ware both day and night. If I knew they were this good I definitely would have bought them from the beginning of my pregnancy! I would recommend this to everyone!