Choose Mamaway Maternity Wear

Picking the right nursing wear is important for healthy breastfeeding.

During breastfeeding it is important to choose clothes that allow for enough breathing space.
Choose Mamaway Maternity Wear.

They have grown from stylish nursing tops to a wide collection of maternity wear for all occasions.


Mamaway is an award winning pregnancy and breastfeeding label, offering stylish maternity, breastfeeding and baby fashion and accessories as well as baby carriers and everyday breastfeeding essentials.

In this post I want to share my opinions with this Maternity Pajamas from Mamaway.

First of all, when I open the parcel I tought it is big for me but surprisingly it fits me well. Maybe it is a free and loose cutting that make it looks big. It made of 100% cotton and I feel comfortable in it. It has breastfeeding function means nursing friendly. It is suitable for all pregnant mothers where you can choose your own sizes. It has a variety of sizes based on your weight while you pregnant.

Exclusively, it is Disney Authentic design.

Oh yeah, this pajamas also can be used after pregnancy especially during confinement period and daily wear.

What I love the most it the nursing-friendly function and the adjustable waist function at the pants, where I can adjust the pants so it can fit my waist ♥️

Closed up nursing-friendly function, you can see in front of the pajamas ❤

I am wearing M size ❤

It have an adjustable function at the pants. So cool ♥️