Definitely the daily nursing bra you should own

When it comes to bras, before I got married I only hunted down branded bras on clearance sales as most of you know I’m a hunter for savings. The reason why I looked for branded bras before as it provides the most comfort and it lasts long too. During my study days, I used to by cheap ones but it couldn’t last long as I have the habit to just throw them in the washing machine. When I got pregnant, I didn’t know where I should look for branded nursing bras since I don’t really see it being displayed in shopping malls. So I just chose the easiest option and bought cheap bras online, at first it was okay but after a while, I noticed that these bras don’t really give the support I needed. Read on to know more about this.

Bras functions not only to cover up but to also give support to the breasts, as a nursing mother, support is very much needed to maintain the shape of the breasts as once the baby latches, the tendency of the breast to lose its shape is very easy. I only noticed it after months of breastfeeding and from there I realized that nursing bras actually plays an important role. From there I started to google on nursing bras and what came to my surprise is that nursing bras, branded ones are actually quite pricey. I was a bit skeptical at first to purchase one until I actually tried a branded nursing bra for the first time. But the first bra I tried was more to a nice lacey bra which I prefer to wear occasionally. Since then I added in my must-haves to own branded nursing bras but I didn’t know what to get yet.


So I heard about Mamaway and was introduced to their Perfect Seamless Nursing Bra and gave it a try. This bra won the Mother & Baby Awards Most Popular Maternity Bra 2015 Silver from Australia. So, of course, I was eager to try it out.
Here’s what you could look forward to this bra:

  • Supports changing breasts
  • Without wires
  • Stretches up to 3 cups
  • Providing structural support
  • Comes with removable padding
  • One hand drop down clips for easy nursing
  • Wide shoulder straps and side panels
  • Stabilizing ballet back design with 4 sets of hook
  • Incorporates NILIT Nylon 6.6 fibers

This bra surely offers a lot of features, which should be reasonable for the price.

My Review
This is definitely the daily nursing bra you should own. It’s like a sports bra but it has the normal opening at the back which I prefer, makes it easier for me to get it on and off. Honestly, the first time I received the bra, I wasn’t really impressed, probably for the price of the bra, I was expecting a better packaging instead of a plastic one. Most of you know me how I obsess over packaging. I don’t know why but for an item that’s priced 3X more than a normal piece we could get, I was expecting something a bit fancy arriving.

So now you all know that I wasn’t really pleased with my first impression, but when I gave it a touch it kinda soothed me down. The fabric was indeed very nice, but I wasn’t really sure if I liked it so I had it washed then gave it a try. Before I go into detail about that, let’s see the details of this bra first.

Design wise not that fancy but it’s suitable for a mother to wear, it’s like a sports bra so wearing it at home shirtless doesn’t look inappropriate either. My bras before having cartoons on it okay, haha… So these stripes are much better. So if you look closely at the fabric, you could see that it’s good quality fabric and it’s super stretchy, no kidding. It’s quite thick so there’s no need to worry for it to be easily torn in the machine and you’ll be surprised on how light it feels when you wear it.

This nursing bra has clips on top and yes these clips are very easy to detatch with one hand but the problem is to attach them again. I still can’t get the hang to clip it with one hand, so it gets messy when my baby is asleep in my arms, or if I’m nursing outside under a nursing cloth. I still need to use 2 hands to attach it back again. Probably the main reason is that I’m so used to nursing bras with buttons in the middle, I only have 2 nursing bras with clips on top which includes this one.

Another thing I love about this bra is that has many hooks, my problem with bras is that my underbust doesn’t much match with my cup size, so I usually had a hard time looking for bras before.
But this bra fits perfectly with the help of Mamaway staffs, they help you pick sizes correctly too, just WhatsApp them, their really friendly. I’m a size L and it fits just nice with the support I very much need.

There’s no problem with leaking too as breast pads got you covered, the breast pads are quite thick so there will be no more problem with a wet shirt anymore. I get that loads of time with my previous bra. It’s also easy to take it out so you can wash them separately too. Did I mention that this breastplate also stays put when you put it on?

Overall I’m pleased with this bra even though I wasn’t that happy when I received it. After wearing it I instantly knew I had to get another one of it. Maybe 2 more, I think having 3 of these would be enough for my daily wear since again, it’s a bit pricey but it’s totally worth it with the comfort it gives. I don’t even want to look at my old bras anymore, but I just have 1 of this bra so I’ll still need to use them until I get more of these.

Why I say I’ll need more of it is of course that it’s super comfy, it’s light, and it absorbs sweat. It also gives the support I need and prevents milk leakage too. The only problem is I find it hard to adjust with upper clips instead of middle buttons from my old bra, but I’ll think I’ll get over that soon.


Source: Malaysia Blogger – Mira Cikcit
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