Excellent product!

I just recently bought this bra from mamaway shop and I loved the way it feels and support my breast. It’s not only comfortable but also affordable compared to the other maternity bras that I have used previously. I should say that this bra has an excellent quality. It’s stretchy and soft.

Before I bought this bra, I always see mamaway shop but never thought I’ll find the best bra in there. I have always been told by my friends that it is better to get a maternity bra that is professionally fitted. I have listened to them but had regrets at the end because the bra became uncomfortable as my breast and tummy grows. Luckily, one day as I was passing through mamaway shop, I just decided to try this bra and I straight away said to myself that this is the bra I have been looking for. It is so much better than the bras I have professionally fitted! 

I do recommend this bra to everyone. Best bra ever!

SKU 09881

Source Sangita