Fall in love of Mamaway products

During my pregnancy, I have tried different brands such as Bonds and Triumph. The comfort level of the Mamaway Second Skin Seamless Nursing Bra is unsurpassed. In the beginning of my pregnancy, it is a challenge to try to find the best maternity bra. There is nothing to fit my breast comfortably until one of my friends recommended me this Second Skin Seamless nursing bra. It is the best maternity bra ever. The band is so comfortable for long period of wearing especially at work and it gives enough support. The most amazing part is that there is no wire but the bra till can support my breasts.

Since then I fall in love of Mamaway products. I have bought more Mamaway products including 3 pairs of Fleur de Lace Crossover Sleeping & Nursing Bra, Bustless Shaper, Recovery Shorts and Extra Strength Bamboo Tunic Postnatal Corset. I have two of these bras and consider buying more after my baby is born. For the price that I paid, it is worth every penny. Thank you!


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Source Danny Tan