First time buyer

I brought the seamless purple bra a week ago and I am starting wearing them now. I found it cozy and comfy. Comparing with similar bras I can find in the market, the material is the winning point. It’s so soft and the touch is so close to skin. The only problem is the size and I need to get a bigger burst since my boom is getting bigger and bigger. I will definitely get a XL next time or to save the money, I may buy an extended band to enlarge the bust.

I will definitely recommend this seamless bra to my pregnant friends. Not only because the price is reasonable, but also it’s in good design and comfy materials. Even though I haven’t started using the nursing function, I can easily see the convenience. And I’m pretty sure the quality of the bra can make the bra last more than couples of years.

SKU 09881

Source Natasha