Fits like a second skin

The first visible change in the body of an expectant mother can be seen in her breasts. They’re now more noticeably fuller, firmer, and more sensitive to touch. The fact that they continue to grow in size until the last trimester is the main reason why pregnant women should invest in good maternity bras.

Unlike the regular ones, maternity bras are more comfortable to wear. They feature thicker straps and often complemented with a specially designed pad that can soup up your twins. They also have clasps at the top to expose your breasts when you need to nurse after giving birth.

You can find and buy a lot of these at bazaars or department stores. Just as I did. But most of them don’t offer the same level of comfort that you will enjoy if you buy high quality ones like the one that Mamaway, a leading maternity clothing brand beloved by moms all over the world which arrived in Malaysian shores just recently.

In fact, its Second Skin Seamless Maternity and Nursing Bra has perfectly defined what a basic maternity bra should be — comfortable, functional, offers full support, and provides ample coverage without having to compromise style.


Mamaway Second Skin Seamless Maternity and Nursing Bra features higher side panels — a design that gather the breasts upwards and inwards. (Photo by Rio Ribaya)
This maternity bra comes in a striped design that’s sure to make you excited about dressing up for a change — something that pregnant moms tend to frown upon because of their seemingly ever-expanding bodies. They’re also available in three striking colours – orange, purple, and dark blue. Definitely more interesting than depressing plain-toned ones!

Compared to other maternity bras, Mamaway Second Skin Seamless Maternity and Nursing Bra has higher panels on the side, which makes the wearer feel her breasts are fully supported and covered. This design also helped gather the breasts upwards and inwards, unlike other seamless bras that make your boobs spread away from each other. And that’s the last thing that every expecting woman ever wanted.


Each bra is actually customised with a corresponding cup size that’s specially shaped for full breast support. (Photo by Rio Ribaya)

But what I particularly love about this product is that it’s ultra comfortable. Because it’s made of a seamless high stretch weave, it can expand from 2 to 3 cup sizes up, making wearing it from pregnancy to several months postpartum possible.

Its padding also made it stand out from other maternity bras that I currently own. Unlike the conventional round pads you’ll find in other brands, Mamaway Seamless Second Skin Maternity and Nursing Bra has shaped its pads to cover even the upper part of the side boobs where the strap begins, not just the area surrounding the areola. Each bra size is actually customised with a respective cup size for full breast support.

To ensure comfort, these cups are also made in low temperature moulds, giving the pads the unconventional ability to stretch out and perfectly scoop up different range of breast shapes.


Other Features

Made with a seamless high stretch weave, this bra can expand from 2 to 3 cup sizes bigger. (Photo by Rio Ribaya)


This maternity bra is also good for any mother’s nursing needs. It has durable feeding clips that’s so easy to unhook even if you need to use just one hand — a feature that makes it easier to breastfeed in a more discreet way.

It also has 4 rows of hook and eye locking system in the back, which guarantees to fit while your chest keeps growing. This also stabilizes the positioning of the bra when worn, enhancing its shape to complement your overall figure.


This maternity bra is perfect for active mommies-to-be, who works out and runs a lot of errands throughout the day like me. Because it’s super stretchy, it’s impossible to feel like you’re suffocating as you move or just sit around to do your thing. It’s so comfortable and efficiently supportive that it can even double as a sports bra whenever I do pre-natal exercises or go out for brisk walking throughout the week.

Because its wider than my regular bras, I thought wearing it would make me feel hot underneath my day shirts. But it surprised me that it doesn’t. On the contrary, wearing it feels close to wearing none at all since its material feels so light and breathable. True to its product name, it’s indeed almost like a second skin.


Source: Malaysia Blogger
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