Forget that I’m wearing a bra!!

What a wonderful nursing bra, only wish that I had discovered it three years ago.

This bra is great in the fact that it expands and retracts with your breasts, which makes things so much more comfortable on the lead up to a feed. The material is soft on your skin and also breathable, if you tend to sweat like I do.  It doesn’t really feel like I’m wearing a bra half the time, as there is no riding or having to constantly adjust it

What I love the most is how easy it was to choose the size, I tried on and brought the bra in a matter of minutes. I have tried many brands of maternity bras over the past three years, throughout pregnancy and breast fed my first for 13 months and 6 months and still going with my second; this is by far my favourite.  I just wish I didn’t make do for so long with the other brands.


SKU 09881

Source Jayde