Help a lot especially the back pain after delivery

I use the Mamaway support belt right after 2 weeks after my delivery (since I have a c-section, the scar is a bit painful so I did not use it right away). The support belt did help me a lot for my belly. After 6 weeks using the belt, almost everyone said that I have recovered back to normal (before pregnancy). And I felt my belly recovery is very well. I think the support belt did help a lot especially the back pain after delivery. The material is very soft and gentle right on the skin and it won’t make me feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, I have symphysis pubis pain when I was pregnant. The pain removed a lot after delivery but it still has a little bit of pain. The magic thing is when I was using the support belt, the symphysis pain removed gradually. So I think this product is great and I will recommend it to every mum.

SKU 06889

Source: Divya/ AU customer