Highly breathable and antibacterial baby pillow

Spamming your timeline with this lil chubb photos. Sorry I can’t decide which one to upload. ?

Happy 5 months old @isaacmuhammadaidh. What is this? Kenapa tiba2 dah 5 bulan pulak ni? Bukan baru lahir ke? ?
Next month dah boleh makan solid food. Ke sekarang pun dah boleh ni? Gedebabb sgt dah ni.
Semoga membesar dengan sihat sayang mommy, daddy and Abg Noah.

Btw, Isaac is looking super happy and comfy with his @mamawaymy baby pillow. Hypoallergenic. Best for baby who gets heat rash easily (like Isaac) or asthma and even allergic.
Highly breathable and antibacterial too.

Psst, next to him is my fave Moon Pillow also by @mamawaymy. Been using that during my pregnancy and breastfeeding, works as baby support pillow too. ?


SKU: A509180402Y-F, A509180401Y-F