How to survive this heatwave in Sydney with a newborn?

The Department of Child and Family Health Nursing released some ideas on their facebook which we can follow: 
But I also have another tip from a store which I am a big fan off called Mamaway which has many items with the technology that balances temperatures and help babies feel cool:
–          Pram/capsule liner that keeps the baby cool and is NASA certified (
–          Mattress which I use specially during the day in the baby box (I will talk about the box more below)
–          Baby sling with the same material inside (which I will buy when my baby is 4 months), but is on special now for $99, so I am really tempted to buy now. (
–          Maternity Pillow – Which I used while pregnant to help me sleep and now I use as feeding pillow and it keeps by baby fresh while nursing. (
Those items are really helping us survive this heatwave.
Also, about the baby box, in Finland when the baby is born the government offers a free box for the family and Mamaway brought this idea to Australia and is giving this same box to all newborns. You just need to bring your Yellow card to any Mamaway store. I got mine and it is very handy as I can have my baby sleeping anywhere in the house. When the baby grows older the box can be used as playpen and later as storage, so it is useful plus it is FREE ?
This store is inventive and a trip there is worth as you can also find pregnancy and post birth belts ( which I have both too )  and clothes that are fashionable but very useful while pregnant or breastfeeding. ( Have a look at their winter range with the jacket that you can keep baby inside.  I have 3 from my last pregnancy is it is very nice –  and you can see my post about the jackets 2 years ago here: 
Mamaway have stores at Burwood, Chatswood, Hurstville, Castle Hill and Silverwater but you can also shop online ?
By the way I am not related to the store, just a big fan of new things ?
Source: Australia Blogger
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