I feel like I have nearly restored my stomach to pre-pregnancy shape

I’m a second-time mum. I didn’t use any postnatal band or wrap after my first delivery which was 5 years ago. So I end up having the swelling belly till my second pregnancy. After consulting a lot of people, they told me the secret to restoring postnatal stomach is to use postnatal band straight after birth which helps quickly flattens the belly and going back to shape and size.

A friend handed her postnatal band (another brand) to me. It’s almost new, she said she only used it once and not feel comfortable. It looks alright for me, a thick big elastic cloth with lots of hooks on it. After birth, I put it on straight away but I feel so uncomfortable, the material is so thick and my belly skin can’t breathe and the hooks, oh, it took me forever to put them together! And finally I put all on, I just feel I can’t bend my waist and can’t walk properly cause it’s like sticks around my belly. I only wear that for half an hour and can’t wait to take it off.

After doing some research, I found Mamaway postnatal belly band is worth trying, after leaving the hospital, I went shopping straight away, thank God, the first moment the salesperson helps put the belly band on me, I know it’s the right thing I’m looking for. The wrap just sit perfectly well just around my belly area, I feel snug, supportive and comfortable without impacting on breathing or circulation. And no hook, just easy to pull them out and together also easy to adjust the size. And I love the bamboo material, it feels so natural, non-toxic and non-allergenic. Good for the environment and good for me.

I used the Mamaway belly wrap snugly around my waist night and day around 8 hours for 4-6 weeks, and I’m very happy for the result. I feel like I have nearly restored my stomach to pre-pregnancy shape and size also restored my self-confidence. This is one of the best product I ever had and I can’t wait to tell everyone around me about it.

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Source: Julia/ AU customer