I love this bra!

I have to say I wasn’t looking forward to the transition between sturdy under wired bra to the no-wire bras that are recommended for wear during pregnancy! This is my first pregnancy and I haven’t worn a bra without wire since my first crop top for teens 🙂 so it was with this in mind that I went looking for a new bra and many that I tried on lived up to my low expectations! Poor support, appalling shape and not even comfortable…until I tried on the Second Skin Seamless Nursing Bra at Mamaway!

The shop assistant was so helpful with regards to sizing and very informative regarding wearing the bra during pregnancy but also for nursing once the baby is born and (fingers crossed) breast feeding! But most of all trying the bra on speaks for itself – it is so comfortable, I mean, seriously comfortable, with fabulous support, in lovely colours and it also provides a great shape, an important feature when your body is changing so much with pregnancy! Thank you Mamaway for introducing me to such a great product!

SKU 09881

Source Suze