I would definitely buy a few pieces again. Recommend

So I bought this bra from Mamaway website, I am surprised by the part which my order details will show on my facebook messenger)
I bought the M size Seamless bra, which very fits me.
The part I love the most about the seamless bra is the padding! As you can see from the image, the padding is not round shape, it can be removed and wash it separately. Not sure if the padding is customized for difference size, for my M size bra, the padding print 80 on it.


Too bad they didn’t sell the padding separately (lol, yes I msg their customer service asked about these) or else I can replace all my sports bras.
Properly is the padding shape that make my breast looks nice while wearing shirt, compare with sports bra which always make my breasts look flat also not so nice to wear it to work, but wearing Mamaway seamless bra dont have such problem.

Overall, the seamless bra is very comfortable, I am happy with the antibacterial material you know pregnant women sweat a lot! I think this is good for breastfeeding too if leak breast milk.

Going to breastfeed my baby, so I would definitely buy a few pieces again. Recommend ?


Source: Malaysia Customer

Link: https://forum.lowyat.net/topic/4670489

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