Light and handy Ring Sling

Travelling review
Mamaway Ringsling (Design-Wheat Grain)
Material : 51% Cotton, 49% Polyester
Wearee: 2 yo, 10.5 kg 84 cm

Light ,pack small .. definitely not pull prone. Doesn’t feel like woven wrap .. feels like those cotton shirt densely weave. No stretch. But I like the padded rail . Rs itself has a mini pouch attached where you can fold and keep it. This comes handy. This easy to tighten yet not saggy type but I felt the pressure on my shoulder after 10 min . Not cushy enough for me. My anak dozed off in less than 10 min and slept for 45 min in it. Shoulder was crying ? .. But overall it’s a great Rs short up.

SKU: A404170963-F