Look no further!

The Second Skin Seamless Nursing Bra is a beauty! It’s so comfortable that you often forget you’re wearing a bra. I love that it has no underwire that digs in and makes you feel uncomfortable, especially being in the later stages of pregnancy. It is really soft, stretchy and supports your breasts well. The clips can easily be unfastened using one finger and fastened single handed. I also love the subtle colour which makes it suitable to wear with anything. I wish I had this bra when I breastfed my first child, as nothing compares to it and I have been telling all my friends in search of nursing bras to head straight for Mamaway! The shop attendant praised this bra so highly that I had to try it on, and I can see why she did. And I’m so glad I did! I would highly recommend this bra to anyone who needs a good nursing bra.

SKU 09881

Source Christine