Love my new bras

I absolutely love my new Mamaway Bra! It is delightfully comfortable and fits so perfectly I even like to sleep in it.

I bought the black and the pink bra, so between the 2 they fit perfectly under everything in my wardrobe. The shape is wonderful, it shows off my pregnant bust and actually gives me curves. It’s the only maternity bra that I have found that actually provides proper support – which I really need with my voluptuous shape:)

The other wonderful thing about my Mamaway bra is that it doesn’t dig in or scratch. I find my skin is quite sensitive when pregnant and also while I’m growing all the time this is incredibly important. I guess the comfort is due to not having any seams… Very thoughtful!

I would thoroughly recommend the mamaway bra to any pregnant or breast feeding women out there. Or anyone just out for comfort and shape.

Funnily enough my toddler loves the softness too and loves walking around and snuggling it. What a cutie:)

SKU 09881

Source Jude