Maintain a straight back and good posture

Hurray! Second baby boy came as an early Christmas present this year. It was a semi-planned delivery and I felt a bit nervous before the admission. Thank God and all the dedicated doctors and staff from the obstetrics department in General Hospital Kuantan- the delivery was smooth and I had epidural anesthesia early on to help tiding over the contraction pain. As with my first delivery slightly more than 2 years ago, it was over real fast. We still haven’t decided on the name yet. Haha.

Care for both mom and baby post delivery is extremely important to maintain physical and emotional health. I am so lucky to have good Mamaway products to help with the physical aspects. Read my previous articles about Mamaway nursing bras. Finally I can try out the post delivery recovery and support belly band.


It’s inevitable to get a flabby belly after delivery. After all, a 2.7kg baby just left the system! Many women including myself can’t wait to get back into shape. I remember the moment I was able to fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans- it was almost a month after I had Baby Bing. I didn’t have the help of Mamaway last pregnancy though. The confidence and happiness that ensued was definitely what I needed.

Mamaway reshapes the belly using its patented Velcro loop band surface that can be fastened anywhere on the belt for flexibility and ease of use. In spite of having good grip, the belt is gentle while applying compression onto the belly and can be used even after delivery via Caesarian section.

Besides that the velvet material used also emits infrared rays that improve local circulation and assist the womb in contracting. The womb is an amazing organ with the ability to go from the size of an upside down pear in a non pregnant state to a watermelon in third trimester!


Not only does it help to reshape the belly, Mamaway post delivery belt is comfortable to wear. Mommies would understand how warm and stuffy we feel during confinement (especially some who will not even bathe during the month!). Mamaway post delivery belt is made of bamboo material which is odor resistant, breathable and does not trap heat. It also conforms to the body shape and it’s hard to see that you are wearing a belt underneath the clothes.

This is a short video of me wearing the post delivery belt. Besides the features stated above, I also feel that Mamaway belt helps me to maintain a straight back and good posture when I carry bub and during breastfeeding with the effect of relieving back ache.