Make mommy-to-be to be stylish and comfy at the same time

As I celebrate my pregnancy to enter its 24th week soon, I have to be honest, it is kinda frustrating that I cannot fit most of my clothes anymore. But….. I am embracing the beauty of my pregnancy and I will try to enjoy every bit of it, the bad and the good. But most importantly, I have to make sure that I am very comfortable as well and I want to share this Chambray Maternity & Nursing set from @mamawaymy ! The material is lightweight so it keeps you cool in this hot weather in Malaysia and thick enough to protect you from the coldness like your indoor air-con. And what I like about this top is it is breastfeeding friendly as it nursing opening so I can use it for a long time! ……and it can be a shirt dress or a long coat! Brilliant! So thank you @mamawaymy for making this mommy-to-be to be stylish and comfy at the same time! #mamawaymy#mamaway #lovemamaway ? : @fitliahani

source: IG sarahyussof

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