Mamaway binder really helped me when i was doing any movement involving the core muscle.

this was me, 7 days post c-sec and swipe left to see my bestfriend after being cut through seven layers lol!

healing from a c-section is no easy feat. before going through it, i asked a lot of my friends on how they managed post c-sec and what they did for their recovery.

even though i was mentally prepared, i still can’t get over the whole procedure and the aftermath of it. but the one thing i don’t think i could live without during the recovery period is my binder, the @mamawaymy Nano Bamboo Binder. i started wearing it the moment the nurse got me to move in the hospital, day 2 post surgery.

since then, i’ve used it every single day. i even wear it to sleep. i can’t emphasise enough how important it is to have a good, breathable binder. because you’re wearing it almost 24/7, its important that it must be comfortable. and especially when you deliver via c-section, a good binder is important. you’re recovering from a major surgery, your uterus is contracting, and it helps in making you feel secure.

this binder is so easy to use, with handles and velcro to keep it tight. the bamboo charcoal material makes it super breathable and comfortable to wear all the time.

post c-sec, it feels uncomfortable to sit up especially from lying down position, so the binder really helped me when i was doing any movement involving the core muscle. only after 40 days, i started to reduce my binder usage as aman advised me to not be too reliant on the binder. i needed to train my core muscles and get it to work. but in those 40 days post surgery, the binder was my bestfriend and i don’t think i could have survived without it, seriously, not kidding ?

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