Most comfortable breastfeeding bra – I love it!!

I instantly fell in love with the Skin Seamless Nursing Bra as soon as I tried it on. I had suffered from engorgement days after giving birth to my third child. All of the bras that I was using did not give enough coverage and left my breasts feeling sore from the cups that would dig into my breasts as the breast became fuller. I just thought that was how it had to be, until I was introduced to this wonderful bra from Mamaway by the lovely shop assistant at Mamaway Lidcombe store. I couldn’t believe how comfortable this bra felt. The removable pads are also great as they give extra support which I like, but allows you the option of removing them if you prefer. I would not go back to using other breastfeeding bras now after trying Mamaway Skin Seamless Nursing bra. It is truely the most comfortable breastfeeding bra I have ever worn. I would highly recommend this bra to any breast feeding mother. Go and try one and see for yourself, you wont be dissappointed! Thank you Mamaway for designing this great breastfeeding bra, to be enjoyed by many.


SKU 09881

Source Sharon