My body feels lighter and more supported

Pregnant mothers are always suffered from different kind of pain especially at the hip and pelvic area. For alleviating the pain or pressure, maternity support belts are specially designed to offer proper support around the belly.

Do you want to know which Maternity support Belt that I choose? Lets check this entry post ❤

I chose Mamaway Ergonomic Maternity Support Belt ?

Rates : 4.5/5

This review is based on my opinion during my 20 weeks pregnancy, so my belly not really that big.

Ergonomics is the process of designing or arranging workplaces, products and systems so that they fit the people who use them. Most people have heard of ergonomics and think it is something to do with seating or with the design of car controls and instruments – and it is… but it is so much more.

In easy word, a design that produce effectiveness of someting and make it more easy.

This Mamaway Maternity Support Belt made from breathable material thay gives comfortness to the skin.

The main effects are it will eliminates pressure and correct your postures.


Who should use this Support Belt?

Of course pregnant, the enlarging belly (probably around the 5th or 6th months) that creates lots of pressure and causes pain, discomfort and stress, especially on the back, abdomen, hips and pelvis.

Many pregnant women suffer pain very low in the back due to hip or pelvic instability.

In this case, I recommended this @mamawaymy Ergonomic Maternity Support Belt

Easy to use,it is super stretchy and and made of breathable high quality material.

Dont worry Mommies, it have approval from Australian Register Of Therapeutic Goods Certificate.

?This pregnancy support belt is a great all round belt that is comfortable, discreet, and very supportive. It helps reduce back pain while doing house chores.

When I didnt wear it, my belly feels heavy and I feel uncomfortable while standing too long. But, after I wear this support belt my body feels lighter and more supported.

?Just wear around your belly under your clothes and yes, you are ready to rock and roll

Source: Malaysia Blogger – Sarah
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