Number one nursing bra!

After my baby was born 2 month ago, all my world changed, everything was about her, feeding, cleaning, playing, worrying… I was so tired and even forgot who I am.  Feeding became the thing which I do in the most time every day, which made me exhausted especially in such hot weather. Luckily, I found this second skin seamless nursing in one of Mamaway store. After I tried it, I loved it straight away. It was so comfortable, supportive, seamless and breathable. It is amazingly convenient when I feed my baby as it is so easy to take off and fold down, the material is so soft and went perfectly with my baby’s skin. She was allergic with my other brand bra. Suddenly breast feeding become so easy and comfortable for both me and my baby. Both of us are enjoying more on the feeding time now!


For myself, I feel very happy too as I take it as a reward of all the hard work being a new mum during the first 2 months. I feel so good as I found myself back!

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Source Juliet