One of the best nursing bras I’ve ever owned!

This is one of the best nursing bra’s I’ve ever had. It is so soft, comfortable, stretchy and supports your breasts well especially at times when they are the fullest. The wide stretchy band below the bust offers superb support for your breasts. The clips on each side of the bra can easily be unfastened using one finger and fastened single handed. It has three rows of hooks at the back which makes you feel securely fastened. This bra also comes with two pads that can be inserted to transform it into a padded bra. The bra straps are at a good place that they don’t slide off your shoulders at anytime of wear. I have used this bra throughout the nursing period of my first child as well as using it as a normal bra when I have finished breastfeeding. Surprisingly this bra is so durable that it is still looking good as new after so many months! I am now using it again for my second child. I would recommend this nursing bra to anyone who needs a good nursing bra.


SKU 09881

Source Lilian