Perfect Maternity and Nursing Bra- Dual Use!!!!

I am in the 18 weeks of my pregnancy. My breast has already started to form milk and it has grown immensely. To wear a normal Bra was very difficult for me as it was getting too tight and red marks had started forming on that area. I have search in every lingerie Shop for the comfortable maternity bra. Finally in Mamaway I found the one I was in search of.

In the shop first I tried seamless maternity bra and wearing that I found it very comfortable. The broad belt on the lower part of the bra is of cotton which makes the fitting more relaxing especially in hot summer. The best part is the whole of the breast is cover including cleavage.

This bra can be used during breastfeeding and they have one extra strip and lock button in the bra. Just unlock the button and feed your child. And the extra strip on it keeps your bra to stay on body rather than falling it. Such a beautifully designed for breast feeding.

They also provide the colour option with different size and my favourite taro color and my size large was available. I am feeling so relieved after wearing this. Also I don’t feel more weight on my breast like before.

Thanks to the mamaway shop for providing such a soothing and comfortable maternity bra and inspired me to buy more of maternity material from there.

SKU 09881

Source Viharia