Second skin seamless bra!

Living in remote Australia has made it extremely difficult to get to the shops and purchase maternity bras, but then I discovered Mamaway Second skin seamless bra! First of all, the sizing (S, M, L etc) makes it extremely easy to buy online without the worry of getting the incorrect size! I’ve found this bra to be super supportive and have changed with my body as it grows throughout pregnancy. I love that it comes with optional cup inserts because when I use them I still get that bit of cleavage that makes us girls feel so much better! The fact that bra can be worn throughout pregnancy AND as a nursing bra really appealed to me because, let’s face it, bras are expensive! The second skin seamless bra is comfortable, supportive, practical and can be worn under anything. I’m sure when the time comes that breast pads will be lovely and discreet in the cups too. If you’re still wondering whether to give this bra a try I say just do it, you will fall in love with it and won’t regret your purchase!!