So comfortable!

I have bought few other bras from ‘bras only’ shops before I took this one home, then it did not take me long to come to a conclusion that maternity stores definitely have the best products to suit special needs during pregnancy.

This bra is so comfortable that sometimes you don’t even feel like you are wearing a bra. With an idea of breast feeding friendly, I’m sure I will be using it after giving birth too. Skin color can hide better under cloth. But I picked the taro color that just gives me something different to the walldrobe.

I’m not a big person even after became pregnant, so I tried on size small in store which fits me perfectly. However, thinking ahead of later stage (as I’m only 28 weeks now), I decided to go with size medium which still fits quite okay. So it is recommended for you to maybe go for next size up because this bra can last for long term.

SKU 09881

Source Yvette