So incredibly comfy

I was given a voucher to Mamaway by a dear friend who recently gave birth 6 months ago. Being my first pregnancy I had no idea what I needed to buy apart from the obvious cots and strollers etc. But my bestie thought Mamaway was the best place to start, and boy she was right.

I had no idea how uncomfortable my bras had become until the helpful sales assistant introduced me to Mamaways Second Skin Seamless bra. The material is super soft against the skin as my ever changing breasts yo-yo from tender to superdooper tender and sore. Another thing worth commenting about is how it nicely shapes my breasts without the presence of an underwire. My chest is nicely shaped and supported as opposed to sagging downwards. There is so much stretch and leeway to grow with the side panels of the bra that it allows for usage both pre and post pregnancy. I can not recommend this bra enough. Just give it a try instore and you’ll fall in love like I did!

SKU 09881

Source Mama Belle