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Take the guess work out of tedious bra fitting!

I wanted to invest in a bra that fit well, was soft on my skin and could last me through the different stages of pregnancy and nursing. I first bought a maternity bra online because I was feeling too sick to hit the shops, but I have now learnt to never buy a bra without physically trying it on! Then, after spending hours trying on dozens of bras from all the leading department stores and brand names, I was ready to give up and go home.

Then, I found a Mamaway store. I was so delighted to find Mamaway’s Second Skin Seamless Nursing Bra. It is extremely comfortable, flexible, versatile, supportive and comes in different colours and sizes.

There’s nothing like it in the market! I’m so glad Mamaway has expanded its stores from Asia to Australia!

Save your time and your legs walking through the shops. Head straight to Mamaway!


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Source Anne