Thanks to Mamaway

They don’t call this the Second Skin for nothing! It is by far the most comfortable bra I have ever worn. I wonder why they don’t make bras like this for those who are not pregnant! When I tried it on at the Parramatta store, I was somewhat doubtful as to how comfortable it really is. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the fabric is so soft and cool against my skin, it was extremely supportive without all that uncomfortable underwire, and it was comfortable while still giving a nice shape. I was so tempted to put it on and wear it out of the store.

With this being my first pregnancy, I don’t have much experience with maternity wear…especially maternity bras. When I brought my new bra home, I was happy to see that clips for breastfeeding are easily undone, even with one hand! I can’t wait for my baby to arrive so I can try it out then.

I am very tempted to go back and by this bra in every colour! Thank you Mamaway!


SKU 09881

Source Rebecca Martinovici