Thin ring sling, which is good for our weather

*REVIEW Mamaway RS*

Wearee : 3 year old, 12kgs
Carrier : Mamaway Ringsling (Design-Wheat Grain)
Material : 51% Cotton, 49% Polyester

Well, this is my first time trying a Mamaway RS. The rings are not the normal aluminium RS but instead as per their website, it’s made from nylon.

In hand the RS felt really thin, which is good for our weather. When worn, i find the rings a bit chunky but it was not difficult to tighten. However, despite being thin, both top and bottom rails were thinly padded so i guess it is quite comfy for the child. I wore my threenager for about 30-45 mins and it was quite comfy considering the thinness of the RS. I wore it indoors, so i am not sure how it will fare in hot outdoors.

I only wish that the material was 100% cotton instead of a polyester mix.

This would make a good emergency carrier as it folds really small. Also great for smaller babies. But if you are concerned about material then you’d probably better off looking for a wrap conversion ringsling.

SKU: A404170963-F