This bra does wonder by coping with breast size changes

For your reference, I am wearing an M size Mamaway seamless bra. It fitted me well and it is indeed comfortable. My nursing experience is that every time I clip back after nursing, the pad stays in place. The pads are also breathable as I normally sweat at hot and humid weather in Penang, and it does allow my breast area to be more comfortable and not soaking wet and feeling uncomfortable. As most nursing moms are aware, our breast often changes in size (before & after nurse/pump) and this bra does wonder by coping with breast size changes, so indeed is 1 size fits all bra due to it is made of stretchable material. The bra’s underbust material is also comfortable as it won’t curl up or move around while wearing. Overall wearing experience is comfortable and supports the breast well.

SKU: 098812PW