This is the one

I started to wear this seamless bar when I was around 17 weeks pregnant, at that time, I started to feel my breast grown and under wires are so discomfort for me. One day I past the store in Burwood westfield and happy to see there was a specialised maternity store! I went in, talked to the sales lady about the issue I have and she recommended this bra to me. The moment I tried it on, I told myself – this is the one! They were on sale of 15% off by that time and a good time for shopping. This is not like normal seamless bra. It has the flex as the normal seamless ones and the fine material also gives quite good support, so I do not feel heavier when my size has grown. I am still wearing the same bra from week 17 til now, week 31, which makes it worth the value. The bra also has the cushion that forms a good shape of my body. I have been thinking how come I did not notice this bra when I was pregnant with my first. I will highly recommend this bra to any of my pregnant friend!

SKU 09881

Source Helen