Thumb Up

Finally find it, the most comfortable, flexible and supportive bra and it makes my breast feeding so much easier. I Should go to Mamaway early and get it.

During my pregnecy, it was so hard to find the comfortable bra and I have been trying so many different style and desiged bra but none of them can compare with the mamaway second skin seamless nursing bra.

One day, I pass by mamaway store and went in. The shop keeper suggest that one to me. It is the one I have been trying to find for very long time.

Also, I got my favourite color TARO, It looks perfect and function really well. No more discomfort, no more troublesome for breast feeding. I definitely need to get more of that.

The other thing I like is that the Molded foam pads are removable and put breast pad instead when lactation.

All in All, Second Skin Seamless Nursing Bra is the best bra for me now. Can not help  Thumbing Up to this product.

SKU 09881

Source Jo