Use it with my 1yo infant and 4yo toddler

Mamaway RIng Slings (black n white)

Wearee : 1yo, 8kg+++ (51% Cotton, 49% Polyester)

Im eager to try this ringslings due to the rings.rings are made from nylon. All this while my mind stick to aluminium. I feel safer ? but im wrong.

The RS felt thin in hand. It has a thin sponge padded on the both top n bottom rail for comfort to babies. However, the ring slings x susah utk tightening. Easy! Glide nicely yet sturdy n stick to the place.i like the material n how it hold in place wearing my 1yo kiddo.

It can fold nicely and place inside my handbeg. I remember i also use it with my 4yo toddler.


SKU: A404170963-F


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