Very Comfortable!:-))

This is my first pregnancy and I am just experiencing all the changes on my body so I have decided that I can’t wait any longer I have to start buying maternity cloths. Mamaway has one of the largest selection of cloths, bras and everything else what a pregnant woman wants. Before I was pregnant I used to wear Victoria’s secret boombshell bras, which is a double push up so my boobs look twice as big as they are.:-)))))) I was a bit naive since I was still wearing them but one day it was so tight I could barely breath so that was the point when I decided I need a maternity bra.

Today (1th of February 2014) my husband and I began our little maternity bra tour.:-)) In the first store I loved the bra but I found it a bit expensive (Since I am a student) so I thought let’s look around (anyway I don’t like to buy what I try on first.). We stopped at David Jones too but there is not a large selection so I told to my husband let’s go and check out at the Mamaway store. I am very happy we did it because we found the best offer ever..:-))

I love the bra and the service too.

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