What an amazing bra!

When it comes to bra, I hardly find the right one for me. I do have big breasts which gets even bigger when I got pregnant. I”ve been buying different bras but ended up being frustrated as it is very uncomfortable and not fitting well. When I went to Mamaway shop, I saw this bra but I was hesistant to buy in the beginning because of my previous frustrations with my other bras. Luckily, the sales lady motivated me to try one, and I am so glad that I did! It was so much comfortable! That even while sleeping I can hardly feel that I’m wearing them. It’s just amazing! It also supported my breast really well. I could never ask for any other bra. I never regret that I bought it, in fact I went back to mamaway to buy for more. I highly recommend this bra to everyone. And I just couldn’t stop telling about how amazing this bra is to all my friends and relatives. I can’t thank Mamaway enough for this wonderful product.

SKU 09881

Source Aileen