Wow! What a great bra!

A friend of mine introduced me at my very beginning of pregnancy, I wasn’t very into it because I am size 16 and it’s hard for me to shop clothes without trying. Then I found they have a physical store near me so I popped in and got served by a very professional staff in their Burswood store. I walked out with 2 crossover sleeping bras, 1 Second Skin Seamless bra, 2 tops and 1 dress.

The second skin seamless bra is so comfy and stretchy. It’s not only seamless, but also feeling less! I used to wear the crossover bras while sleeping and I found the second skin seamless is also very comfortable to wear when sleep. The second skin seamless bra wraps my breasts and under bust gently and treat me as a baby. I almost forgot I am wearing a bra.  I feel so free and I believe I will keep wearing it after finishing breastfeeding!

SKU 09881

Source  Yin Huang